Monday, 18 July 2016


Hello my dear fashion friends! About today´s post I am so excited because when I saw pictures of this show I was blown away by the whole scenery on and around the runway. The word is about Fendi! You probably know that fashion director and designer for this house is Karl Lagerfeld. His vision of style and fashion inhaled a new life at the point when this house was on the knees. And that, my friend is also a part of fashion and couture industry and bussiness. But talented Karl with his artistic vision saved this house from "couture drowning" and these days we celebrate ninety, yes (90) years of this italian luxury brand.

The theme of the show was "Legends And Fairytales". I love when title or the theme is enhanced and introduced to the viewers so we can have a complete picture of designer´s imagination. With this oniric theme the whole collection was just like was ripped from the another subliminal world, world of imaginative and brought to us in the most stunning visual sensation.

Let´s say few words about the collection itself. There were lots of sheer and by chiffon busted gowns, very light and elegant. These dresses looked so delicate and fragile. This effect was even more accentuated by fine embroidery which was featured in three dimensional structures like flowers, puffy balls of fur, or lace imitations. Talking about textures they were very bold, playful and alomost looked like children´s drawings´ display; in other words the ultimate fairytale was going on the fabriques of the collection pieces.

The colors´ spectrum was very wide but in very soft range; white, a hint of black, deep yellow, soft pink, baby blue and light green. These vivid coloration has really justified the playful and talkative vibe of the collection in general.

The hair was in very rare form for haute couture but it collided perfectly to the concept of the show; very romantic and naturally wavy hair, with middle split with front pieces pinned behind the ears. This hair style even more accentuated the collection´s theme because models look like fairies straight out the heaven ghetto. Make up was very light and nude focusing on the beautiful skin.

So this collection was a true embody of fairytale indeed. If you ever wonder how would look the visual sensation of your favourite story or legend, this could be the answer. A piece of unimaginative was served on the couture platter. With happy ending, for sure!

Do you like this collection? What do you think about it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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