Friday, 15 July 2016


Hello my dear friends! My posts about haute couture AW week continue so I will say few words about show by Atelier Versace. It is known house of Versace but associated with making haute couture collections. Oh gosh, to me Versace in general is an epiphany of "ready to wear and instant looking fabulous" sexy clothes. And that was the case with this collection.

Models on the runway were like femme fatales, marching like couture feminists celebrating the power of woman in every possible way. If we take a closer look to design of collection, we can see the deep cuts revealing the woman´s body in most elegant but seductive way.  Naked leg or shoulders, that is the classy sexappeal which is in general characteristic for Versace style, and for these collection´s display too.

Talking about the features that stood out, beside the deep cuts, draping forms were in general mostly common highlight of the whole collection. The material was successfully selected, and that was silk. By that, the draping technique had beautiful results, a game of shadows which stunningly accentuated the feminine silhouette of the whole ensembles.

Hair was in form of frizzy bun and that gave the whole collection very edgy and rock vibe, just enough to give to all of that sexappeal an unpolished touch. Make up was very dramatic, in form of dark red lips and naked eyes, or vise versa, bold smokey eyes in electic blue and nude lips.

In general, this collection wasn´t so diversitile like maybe others which we have seen at this year´s haute couture autumn/winter fashion week but it was the most glamorous and sexy, that is for sure. And sometimes my dear friends, all you need is that; a celebration of female power in all of its glory. Atelier Versace never disappoints on that, for sure. And for that we have to give them an applause!

How do you like this collection?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo

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