Hello my dear friends! So for the last impression post of haute couture fashion week I have decided to write about collection of the famous dutch designer which is very known for her innovative design in haute couture. The vision of haute couture of Iris van Herpen is very artisticly boosted with polyvalentic perspective to it. Her design is like 3-dimensional installations with very sculpted accentuated features.

That was the case with this collection, too. A very futuristic and avant garde vibe with a new vision of femininity and elegance. The ensembles were, although very down the structural and opulent side, very airy and light. This was defenitely successfully done by choice of the texture, a very stiff silky material which was perfect for getting that sculpting effect. The inspiration was in the see flora and fauna; so the presented forms were futuristic visions and realizations of seashelfs and jellyfishes in already mentioned 3-dimensional form. The heels were never the less but de-structured form of clogs. Another amazing futuristic highlight!

The make up and hair were also in this very excentric and artistic way formed. A high cutted bangs in edition with nude make up and glossy skin was defenitely a perfect pair and match for the whole collection. The bleached eyebrows were the highlight of the whole face, giving the whole look very an ultra modernistic vibe.

"The display of futuristic mermaids", this could be the summary of this collection! A brilliant couture jump in the future introducing the new design cannons and elegance pushing the boundaries of known into gorgeously and lyrically unknown. With this designer´s courage we don´t have to be affraid for future of haute couture!

Do you like this collection? What do you think about futuristic fashion design?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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