Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Hello my dear fashion friends! So lets get right on the subject. Today I will say few impressions about haute couture collection of Lebanes designer Zuhair Murad. As you probably know, if you have read my previous post about Elie Saab, I can defenitely say that this couturier is very similar to his work in aesthetic wise.

Most delicate and finest embroidery and lace overload is defenitely first thing what catches your eyes. The very gorgeous appliques which write modern story of Middle East culture in fashion sense which are defenitely the ultimate sign of elegance when we talk about style and couture from this designer.

Very light and airy textures which create flowy ensembles, with sleek silhouettes around waists; that is the typical form for "belle" couture which were showed on this show. These ensembles are very wearable, what makes this collection an ultimate must for red carpet seasons.

The colors were very deep and dark; from black to deep red, green and blue. To accentuate winterish touch few ensembles were made of materials create in gold textures which avocate a heavy and bold stand out characteristic for autumn and winter collections. Even final dress presented on the runway, a wedding gown, was made of georgeously heavy brocat in dark powdery tone.

The hair was down, very natural falling, with soft waves, or featured in common hair style for couture shows, a sleek bun. Make up was very interesting; so natural that nothing was standing out, only beautiful skin. This look gave the whole collection very trendy and modern touch.

Although this collection didn´t offer any experiment in visual sense, that is fine by me. It offered the most stunning dresses and ensembles, produced perfectly like whisp of couture in stormy life time.

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo

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