Hello my dear fashion frineds! As I look closely in haute couture I have to admit I notice every day new features and forms which are needed to be mentioned. What caught my eye is defenitely 3-D haute couture or in full term said: three dimensional haute couture.

What does it mean and how does it transfere to visual couture realization? It means that the texture and appliques are not drawn or printed in the material, but in shapes of touchable palpitations´ features. It can be the variety of forms, anything you can imagine can be put in 3-D haute couture; waves which are spirally displayed around the body, real feather revealing real birds´ visual imitations, an arabesque made of real iron or if we go really decadent, and couture is a percect media for it, of real gold. As you see the choice of forms and shapes is inevitable.

We can say for sure that 3-D haute couture is the future of fashion. But the pioneer of this couture is defenitely the dutch designer Iris van Herpen. She makes stunning ensembles which are on the limit of fahion and art, making stunning couture sculptures light and easy to wear. This fact defenitely shows how 3-D couture comprehends building materials and textures; in totally new aspect it brings us new aesthetic, an aesthetic of future.

Do you like 3-D haute couture? Have you ever heard for it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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