Hello my dear fashion friends! United Colors of Haute Couture! That could be one sentence by which I could describe the playout of italian design house Schiaparelli! The collection vibrated by so many vivid colors but not just that, the cuts and forms were amazing, almoust stepping in joyable "uncomfort" avant garde zone. So I am so excited to bring you closer this show.

As the first thing that cought my eye were defenitely sleek and very strongly defineD silhouettes. They were very stiff making the shoulders standing out. Even on the dresses with accentuated decolletes the shoulders´ applique was highlighted, so this gave the whole ensembles very "couture with attitude" kind of vibe.

One thing which was also noticeable was defenitely the diversity of  forms; we have seen gorgeously opulent or very pencil alike lined dresses, or the boldly printed corsets in combinaton with puffed by glittery boosted shorst, or the modern version of wrapping dress which was originally designed by Elsa Schiaparelli, a founder of this couture house and a good friend of Coco Chanel.

The "prints gone wild" were displayed too! Even the runway lookout was all  featured in prints so the prints and the color blocking were defenitely one of the many gorgeous highlights of this collection! Speaking of colors, the spectrum was very wide; black, fuchsia pink, yellow-blue-red  shuffled ornaments which gave the rainbow effect to it all. It was very playful collection in colors´ sense but what gave it an autumn/winter-ish vibe were defenitely the strong accentuated structures and silhouettes, as mentioned at the beginning!

Because a big of drama was going on the ensembles, the hair and make up were totally low key. A tight top-knot was the only hair style. And the faces were nearly bared, with interesting motive on the eyes; an orange eyeshadow smudged in careless alike way! This was defenitely one of the best make up of this fashion week to me.

This collection celebrated haute couture in all of its diversatile glory! It remebered us why we love fashion, couture and all that gorgeous creative "mess"! Because of this collection I adore haute couture! And this is the best compliment I can say to WOW-e it again, again, again...

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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