Haute couture is perfect visual mode to set differents moods on display. By being able to do that, haute couture is maintaining its theatrical and decadent embelishments to the fullest. It is really interesting how haute couture can be a perfect media to channel so many variety of feelings and that is really one thing that must be admired at.

One of the most dazzling couture forms or interpretations is defenitely a melancholic haute couture. It can be seen more in fashion editorials which are themed up by this kind of visual type of couture rather than on the runway shows. The forms of this kind of couture are very toned down, with very dark and edgy vibes. Colors are black or grey, avoiding on purpose the couture opulence in textures´ senses. Only simple and low key cuts, without any style experiments. It is pure form presented in dusky atmospheres.

Melancholic haute couture is just one of many faces and visual embodies that couture can have. It can be dramatic on its own way, without any further interpretations. To me this side of couture is very worth of admiration. It is the fusion of fashion and pure art, forming the homogenic connection of the both. And that is the powerful weapon in fashion expressions, indeed!

Do you like these type of couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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