When we talk about couture which is less dramatic and more low-key but very elegant and feminine we have to mention young and talented Jason Wu. He became star struckly famous because of the fact that first lady of USA Michelle Obama has worn his desings in several occasions, including the inauguration of president Barack Obama. But let´s see what kind of couture Jason Wu makes!

What defines the style characteristics of this designer are very vibrant and light colors; he doesn´t affraid to choose green or yellow color statements for his spring/summer collections. That creates very bold and courageous move because haute couture in those colors carry very strong style statement and it takes strong fashion conscious to pull them off.

He goes a little more dark and moody but in beautiful way, in his autumn/winter collections in which he incorporate heavy damasque, silky textures, very shiny and glossy with tons of black lace giving that touch of mystery in his creations.

He likes very opulence and strongly accentuated lines with concrete edges, even in flowy creations he keeps the structure impostation very highlighted. In other words, Jason Wu likes structure in his design, strongly accurate forms and that sculpted inspiration comes from the fact that he studied sculpture before he started to make high fashion. So his understanding of silhouette is very connected to that. Voluminous forms but presented in very light wearable way, this is the term by which his couture design can be described.

What do you think about Jason Wu couture? Do you like it?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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