Haute couture has so many amazing features and forms. In this post I will take my adoration for couture to the next level, and take a closer look to the textures of haute couture. Textures are among the silhouettes the most important thing when talking about couture outlooks. If we take a detailed look in it, we can see that it is hard, tiny, micro work, which makes haute couture so exqusit and reasonable high ended.

The textures can be ornamented in so many ways. They are made by the tinest floral prints, chiffon layers making it very subtle and gentle. Or it can be bold and decadent in form of feathers, playful fringes or wavy silky fatures. The opulence in texture is made in sculpted varieties, very stiffed and hard embellished. The three-D factor is also very strong imitating real birds´ feathers and wings or any form hidden in flora and phauna of real nature.

The textures in haute couture are very astonishing, breathtaking and amazingly made. It makes one reason more for adoration of haute couture, remembering us constantly why we love it so much and why I write about it so enthusiastic.

Do you like textures in haute couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


  1. Crazy beautiful images and posts as always, I love this blog.


    1. OMG! Thank you so much for your kind words and your support! Means so much! :)