Monday, 5 September 2016


If you have read some of prevoius posts of mine you already know that my all time favorite couturier and designer is Alexander McQueen! He was the reason I started my blog, who woke the passion for haute couture, so my blog is really made with a true dedication and loving memory of Lee which is still and always be missed. I had really struggles to accept the new designer that had stepped into his place and that was and still is Sarah Burton. First of all, I have to say that I admire her guts and artistic courage to stand at place of pure haute couture genius, McQueen. So in today´s post I will say my impressions about Burton´s work.

If we take a closer look at her work we will see that Sarah Burton is successfully drives Lee´s path, making haute couture which has that typical Mcqueen´s signature. Although she is not so courageouss like Lee in her visual performances, she continues to follow the main characteristics of Mcqueen couture style. And that would be opulent and enriched silhouettes, with very decadent vibes. As well as hint of fetishism can be seen and we all know that fetishes were very common highlights in original Alexander McQueen era. She is not so into provocation,  you can feel that it is not her signature vibe, but she makes gorgeous cut outs with a hint of avant gard-ish influences.

Is Sarah Burton a perfect choice for Alexander McQueen?! Well, if you ask me, and keep on mind that I deeply and seriously cherish Alexander McQueen´s work, I think that she is not a perfect but rather a good choice. I think in artistic and expressional way it can be so much better, maybe to take risk and go with more originally self-portrayed twist, so we could have a whole new experience in perception sense. But maybe that was only possible with Lee on board. Maybe big Mcqueen era has left with Lee, or maybe let su hope, there is another "savage beauty" lover out there who will write a totally new chapter in house of McQueen! Until then we have to enjoy in Sarah Burton´s work which is, great and impecable, no doubt.

What do you think about Sarah Burton´s era and her work for Alexander Mcqueen?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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