On the trace for new innovative names in haute couture scene. In today´s post I will write my impressions about a new discover, at least to me, when it comes to new, a type of "la belle" haute-couture designers. And that is Paolo Sebastian.

What impressed me the most is his fine embroidery work! As you can notice if you read few posts of mine, is that I am a huge fan of "petite" embroidered features which are very characteristic for Elie Saab couture. I don´t know why, but that type of ornaments and textures in tayloring brings up the femininity and class of the women, and I adore them soooo. I also like light, soft and gentle colors which round up the picture of Paolo Sebastian couture.

I know that in celebrity circles he is not so accentuated, but I think that his time will come! I really enjoy in this kind of fashion, very etheric and glamorous. He has a great ensemble of wedding dresses or gowns that are inspired by that same appliques inspired theme! I think his main focus are defenitly bride gowns which he infuses in his total design vision.

In haute-couture every detail is important. Not just the form of the gown, the design, the ornaments or aspect of the colours but also the choice of material. And in Paolo Sebastian case the choice is perfect, with tons of finest silk, airy and very light wearing chiffons all that boosted with delicate embroidered features. I think his couture work is stunning now but the best is yet to come from this very promising designer.

What do you think about Paolo Sebastian´s work, do you like that type of couture expression?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo 

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