If someone is fearless in creative kind of sense than that could probably be the French couturiers!  And one of them is haute couture designer Stephane Rolland, no doubt that.  What I love about his work is that very wide ranged spectrum, counting different vibes of silhouettes, many materials options and more wider selecton of colours.

Speaking of creative courage, I love French couture brands because their sense for expression is very playful and querky, full of imagination and innovations. All of these style categories or characteristics can be found in Stephane Rolland´s couture. He always pulls the new innovative forms, making the sculpted features so delicate and airy, or light textures boldly standing out!

He likes very sleek, precise cutted edges, layering them in "origami" taylored perfection. He also prefers very voluminous down parts of the gowns, featured by tons of ruffles and feathers ornaments giving that "oh lala" couture sensation.

He doesn´t affraid to experiment with colours, bringing even the fluorescent range of yellow or green on the runway which give the creations amazingly bold stand out. If you add on top of all that a perfect cutted design you have very innovative and vivid performance of outstandingly gorgeous couture image.

What do you think about Stephane Rolland couture? Do you like it or is it too much for you?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo 

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