My posts are all about haute couture, you could see that by now. I get so excited when just thinking about it, so as side effects you have tons of impressions of mine about high end fashion. To me it is endless source of any kind of (non)imaginative visualisations and that´s why I always notice more details about which I want to write in my post and bring you closer the glorious sense of haute couture. So keeping that in mind today is word about sheer dresses and their impact on couture sensations.

The see through effect is defenitely something which reveals in one moment all, but as the movement of the body takes place, it bares it all, too. So you have graceful and elegant "peek-a-boo" effect making it couture more dazzling and magic than already is. These gowns are often very sleekly shaped, with light wavy touches. The silhouette is usual very simple and the texture is very soft, by embroidered chiffon boosted, mostly in floral forms. It can have and more heavy touch to it, in the form of luxuriously knitted ensembles which gives the total new visual stand out.

If you want to look feminine and sexy with enriched hint of elegance, you would defenitly choose these kind of sheer couture gowns. With every move it will enhanced the beauty not just of a woman but the beauty of pure couture. And that is the best thing ever!

Do you like this kind of couture looks?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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