Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Keeping up with New York Fashion Week! Although it is ready to wear week, it is perfect opportunity tp gives some hommage to the most popular designers that have the great fashion impact to NYFW! And the first name that comes a cross is defenitely Oscar De La Renta! When thinking about all that glamorous gowns you can ever imagine, remembering the first designer who brought the tons of tulles, the most beautiful ruffles´ overload to the runways we talk about Oscar De La Renta high fashion. His work is the true epiphany of " la belle" couture, aestheticly perfect and featured by fine opulence in visual sense.

His designs always brought New York Fashion Week on big glamour level giving it a breeze of frenche couture decadence but in wearably light way. His designs were very often seen at the perfect red carpets ensembles flaunting the most adorable glamour ever.

I love that he didn´t experiment much in his work but still always had new and fresh way of tayloring, keeping his tayloring as the most flattering statement to woman and her beauty. Elegance was written in very unique way, without being pretentious just simpy fabulous.

His trademarks were chiffon in thousand layers, fine ruffles stiched in stiff and compact texture, meters and meters of finest silk voluminously falling down, big bows wrapped aroud tiny, sleek silhouettes accentuating delicacy of the feminine waists. His couture was a festivity of woman with class which appearance was magnetic in every possible "all eyes on me" way. His legacy will live forever!

Do you like Oscar De La Renta´s design? What do you think about it?

Thank you fort your attention!

Georgia! xo

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