In the past times haute couture was the only way of style. There were no "ready-to-wear" or "pret-a-porter" collections, just pure and elegant haute couture. But with raising capitalism and consumerism the need for perfect couture ensembles was interrupted with lots of subcultural phenomenons and one of them is punk, for sure.

It is so unrealistic, but even for punk today is characteristic a current old saying that is dead ("Punk Is Dead"), just like haute couture is thought to be too. So what a perfect reason to see how these two social and cultural appearences transform and influence in today´s haute couture. Today´s high end fashion is defenitely in the very accentuated process of "trickle up" by which is meant that lots of street influences can be seen at couture shows. How "trickle up" is manifesting we can see in symbiotic connection of punk and couture.

Just a glimpse of these kind of interpreted ensembles says that it is very avant garde, wild, savage and edgy. The forms are brought to the maximum of exaggeration, with decadent vibe bursting out. It has rebelious nature, just like punk does too. Eather it is in form of deconstructed traditional couture, like rocking the opulent and rich corsets without gown, or oversized coats made of finest cashmere. The all black shiny leather ensembles can be seen too just like a celebration of punk at the models´ faces; bold eyeliner game and over voluminous hair.

Maybe punk infuses to haute couture the non-glam effect, pulling it down from fashion Olymp and rich bourjois saloons to "common" users. But it defenitely gives it a different glamour which is more sassy, more wide opening and more inspirational. The combined reality of punk and haute couture continues to live, despite possible perishing of the both.

Do you like by punk inspired couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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