We all know how haute couture can be very dramatic, very brave in visual expression, very playful and avant garde. This kind of haute couture is very inspirational because it moves the boundries of ours, us as  recipients, expectations. This kind of couture is very theatrical, non-wearable in conventional and common ways, but still taking aesthetically wise our breaths away proving that in couture sky is the limit, indeed.

In this kind of vibe the lines between costume and couture is really invisible. The couture is more into the creative and artisticly mode, so with amazing exaggerations it creates very theatrical styles. The concepts of this kind of couture are very heterogenic. They can be rich in artisticly way just to explore the aesthetic limits and creative sides of couturiers. Or it can be themed by alluring and imitating world of animals, like butterflies, heaven birds or extreme arabesquely showed reindeers. Or it can flirt with national costumes, showing Russian, Middle East or Japanese traditional clothing beauties.

As you can see the spectrum even in this connection costume - couture is very wide and has so many diversities to offer us. That is the magicly skill of high end fashion; it really opens the new spheres of human fashion productivity. Exploring the new things haute couture always gives us gifts of every imaginative style. And that is the one of many hidden secrets of couture!

Do you like these kind of couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! x


  1. This is my favourite kind. I was having this conversation with a designer, and she hates any kind of costume in fashion because then she thinks it isn't fashion anymore... but I think they are wonderful works of art.

    1. Yes it is really a thin line between haute couture and costumes. But I love every shapes and forms of couture so to me this is a true fashion bliss. Thank you so much for you nice words! xo