A most prominent name of British fashion scene is Julien Macdonald, a very popular designer much known and popular in celebrity circles. Many of red carpets goddesses have worn his creations, from Beyonce, JLo, Cheryl Cole, Shakira, Kylie Minogue...He shares passion for glitter overload which makes perfect eye catching ensembles.

Well, from said all of these above we can honestly say that he makes gowns which are very glamorous but wearable which makes them a perfect choice for red carpet star-struck appeal. He uses a lot of shiny appliques in many forms and shapes. They can be made of crystals, glass, or the most finest glittery dust. The main thing it shoul be shinning and must be giving that "wow" effect.

He incoroprates also a very modern embroidery features to the dresses, making very sleek and sexy silhouette which is all about accentuating the woman´s body features. It´s all about glammy rock and roll chic chick, wearing these by sexappeal bolded dresses with very strong and dramatic make up, light smudgy dusty smokey eyes giving it perfect grungy and edgy, but in high fashion sense, touch.

His design is very feminine, but celebrating strong, sexy woman who has so much confident. His woman is glam-army warrior woman, with the most impovered weapon ever, her body, personality and divine vibe.

What do you think about Julien Macdonald fashion? Do you like it? Please, send me your thoughts in the comments section!

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo 

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