When talking about high fashion houses from USA defenitely one who is very original and doesn´t afraid to step out from design comfort zone is defenitely Rodarte. If you follow the New York Fashion Week´s you have probably seen some the masterpieces by these couture house.

So what is so interesting about Rodarte?! Well, to me is very huge variety of spectrum in expression kind of way. There is nothing this design house can´t handle it, from making beautifully decadent costumes for the movie "The Swan", which shows their capacity and aspiration towards the bold and more experimental fashion mode. From the airy and silky textures coloured in soft-marino blue of their amazing gowns, or adorably glamorous and cool knitted pieces to the collaboration with famous Christian Louboutin with their shoes´ collection.

I think I have never seen so variable and polyvalent design expressions so to me Rodarte is very exciting and my new favorite tayloring dream team. If you want to go for modern gothic vibe then go for Rodarte! If you want to be timelessly romantic, go for Rodarte! If you wanna be tricky, witty and playful, go for Rodarte! If you wanna be sweet rebel, go for Rodarte...There are so many options this couture is giving to their customers and opinionated fans. I am the biggest one for sure!

What do you think abot Rodarte? Do you like it, have you ever heard about it and does it have to you that couture factor at its finest?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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