I was part of another collaboration with http://www.revuu.it./ It is great fashion and lifestyle app that you can download and enjoy amazing editorials made by bloggers and curators. The theme of last editorial of mine was Alexander McQueen and this current one is about Vivienne Westwood. You know how she is avant garde not just in fashion but in common social sense, so I have named it "Feminist Manifesto", so you can go to revuu.it and check it out. It celebrates the power of woman, her strenghts and believes, all captioned in amazing fashion photos. So I will dedicate this post to the true "rebelesse femme" of couture, Vivienne Westwood!

If anyone is couture-ish, if anyone makes dramatic and know how to make couture drama vibes than that is Viv. Her fashion work is reflection of her believes about society in general so she was and still is a grandiose rebel. She was a pioneer of subculture movement, called punk! And that fact defenitely had a great impact on her couture art.

What I love about her way of expression is that it is fearless, bold, she is not affraid of mixing concepts of life, art, pop-culture. And from all those mixed pieces we have ingenuine conglomerate of beautiful couture as a result. Mentioning punk, she was first desiger who incorporated and brought it in mainstream fashion pushing well known boundaries of haute couture.

She loves to correspondet to tradition so one of her trade mark are tartan patterns. She incorporates them in couture, making finest ensembles, all of that featured by voluminous down parts of gowns. Only Vivienne can make a glamorous wedding dress inspired by this scottish trade mark still looking gorgeous and breathtaking. Her art is brave, decadent but still elegant and on every fashion enthusiast´s "the best off" list. I think that is still the great thing about Britain´s fashion. It´s original, brave and full of experiment in visual way.

Talking about wedding dress, her work, a one particular piece, was featured in the famous fashion movie, "Sex And The City I". A stunning wedding dress worn by Sarah-Jessica Parker, was a such memorable moment, an instant all over globe recognizable move. More than that one designer couldn´t wish! But Vivienne is not about that, about fame or glory. She is her couture, she lives through her fashion expression and that´s the most important thing avoiding tendency drama, filtrating it in pure art.

What are your impressions and thoughts about Vivienne Westwood´s work? Do you like her edgyness, do you find it interested and glamorous?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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