Hello my fashion people! For today´s post I decided to write something about Monique Lhuillier fashion design. Her first choice of work was designing a bride dresses but then succesfully transfered into whole range of creating beautiful haute couture which is often weared by Hollywood celebrities.

The fact that she first has designed wedding gowns gives her couture expression a very elegant glamour, lots of feminine features but in non-exaggerate way. Her creations are not boosted by sexappeal like maybe Versace or Gucci, they are very delicate and decent visually incoroprated so they are perfect for glamming up the red carpets.

The textures that are showed often in her collections are chiffon, silk, feather light materials, in more often cases very airy and low-key gowns with a hint of voluminous opulence. In that sense her couture is very glamorous and very wearable which makes it even more gorgeous.

If you ask me this couture house is defenitely perfect choice for wedding dress or that particular dress when you need to shine like a princess but not bothering about would you be able to walk/dance/chilling in the creation. If you want vivid couture, full of easy movement potential then choose this fashion couture.

What are your thoughts about this couture? Do you like it or you prefer more decadent and dramatic design?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo 

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