Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Staying on the costume and theatrical haute couture bandwagon. If you have read my previous post you know what I mean, hehe! In my haute couture adoration I have always been so drawn to very decadent and edgy style in couture sense. This kind of couture defenitely crosses a boundary between costume in thetrical sense and common outfits. So when I saw the movie "Mirror, Mirror" with Lilly Collins and Julia Roberts I was simply blown away by the cosumes displayed at this movie. So I decided to say few words about that particular choice of costumes.

We defenitely need at this point to show respect to costume designer of the stunning and outrageous gowns. That was the Japanese art director Eiko Ishiok. Her work at this movie was recognized by the movie´s academy so she was nominated at 2012 for the Oscar in cathegory for  the Best Costume Design.

If we look closely to the design of the ensembles from the movie, we can see that there is defenitely a very original approach to the costumes´ design vision. It is very opulent and decadent, very good colliding with the psychology of the caracters. So the Snow White´s costumes are very playful and quirky but very elegant at the same time. They just perfectly accentuate her youth and beauty with vibrant and vivid colors. The very soft approach to the silhouettes is made by the choice of silky textures complementing the gentle nature of her character.

On the other hand, the Queen´s ensembles which was played by Julia Roberts, were very decadent, exaggerated in every single point to every single detail. This kind of over boosted costumes featured with tons of chrystals´, gold´s and luxury embellishments were the successful way to prolong that one thing the the Queen didn´t have but Snow White did, and that was the Youth. So as you can see the costumes tell their stories too, in visual but in semantic way too.

The fashion has so many facets and this is the simple and beautiful example how haute couture can make a big role in the movie. It can be the aesthetically strong expression´s and story telling tool if it is showed in proper way. And this was the pure festivity of fairy tale in every possible way!

Do you like these costumes from the "Mirror, Mirror" movie?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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