Talking about haute couture with "Thousand and One Nights" stories vibe! I can say just that! In this post you will get a decent glimpse of it, for sure! I passionately love and never can´t get enough of really romanticly and aestheticly perfect cutted haute couture! There are a lot of designers who practice these kind of couture ( I have writed about it in many previous posts of mine), but one in particular that I fancy is defenitely a Lebanese designer, Georges Hobeika.

His work is very delicate and very fine with one very common highlight and that is embroidery, embroidery and more embroidery! Embroidery and its features are so often included in his work but in a way that never gets bored. Very soft coloring in combination with the most finest silky, wavy textures gives his vision of ultimate delicate female beauty!

I really enjoy his gowns! They are like a breeze of warm, pleasant air which floats around woman´s body, showing magnificent forms of richly ornamented material by each movement. The silhouettes are light, sleek and very elegant, with a hint of couture opulence! Very decent, complimenting femininine body in most gorgeous way. Hobeika offers us glamour that it can be worn, very mobility friendly but stunningly eye catching. So don´t the easy wearble factor fools you.

If you want that gently not over "in your face" glamour, you would defenitely wear Hobeika´s couture. Dashing the most beautiful spectrum of colors such as rich blue, red or pink, you will defenitely get noticed but in most luxurious, not pretentious way!

How do you like Georges Hobeika´s design? Do you think it is enough couture or do you like designers who experiment more in their visual expressions?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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