This year was the year when we lost on of the most memorable names in fashion industry. In August a famous french female designer Sonia Rykiel has died leaving the tremendeous gap in fashion industry. And although just like in life everything has to go on, even in fashion too, I decided today to say few words in the memory of this extraordinary woman who was not only designer but the writer too!

There is something appealling and worth adoration for every woman who stands proudly years and years in fashion business. Because to be honest it is a tough job and world. So as a woman myself, I feel even more proud when talking about each woman´s path in fashion design. So what is so intriguing about Sonia Rykiel artistic vision?! Well, she was famous for her knitting skills. Even Spring/Summer collections which are known for light and easy materials and textures Sonia made of the most finest knitting, making items which were so delicate and almost silky texture alike. Not to mention the knitted rhapsody in Autumn/Winter shows. Amazing and on trend oversized coats, sleek but comfy dresses in vibrant colors or very elegant two pieces ensembles are just some of the highlights of her design.

What is even more amazing is that robust form of knittwear didn´t minimilize the visual creativity of Sonia Rykiel fashion sense. There were combinations so deep in glamour that they could be rocked on Saturday disco nights. Her design was sexy, luscious and full of life. And because of all of that we will miss the great Sonia. A woman who designed for real women making them instant queens of dull everyday life. Of course the brand "Sonia Rykiel" lives on ahead with Julie de Libran who is keeping main legacy of Sonia´s design alive. But the original  flare will never be among us!

Do you like this design? Would you love to wear it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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