Thursday, 2 March 2017


For all fashion fans and insiders Chloe is a well known name of the french fashion and design scene. Their epiphany is the effortless chic and elegance with huge casual, almost grungy vibes, incorporated in fascinating feminine pieces like gorgeous and delicate dresses. This design motto was the leading inspiration for the latest Ready To Wear Autumn/Winter 2017 fashion show for Paris Fashion Week. And it was all inspiring and how to be elegant with boyish kind of approach.

The symbiotic connection could defenitely be seen in the connection between the voluminous midi coats and airy and etherical dresses. Their gentle and romantic side was accentuated by flowery prints which under the more robust tweed coats looked really refreshing. The feminine and soft romantic side was defenitely incorporated and held in form of these fluent and airy dresses. The very casual but highly elegant touch was in the shape of two piece enesmbles; wide trousers and jackets on the top for more light and dazzling appeal.

Very glossy and "en vogue" moments were the latex dresses; their shiny and laquer surface under the tweedy coat was very elegant and very night outweary colored. Speaking about the colors, they were very toned down, typically autumnal shades from brown to grey and green. That color potentially monochrome was clashed with very flowery prints on the dresses. The collection was infused with cozy teddy bear coats which were worn in combination with dress or by itselsf.

This collection was the perfect example how to pair one delicate wardrobe piece like dress and more heavy item like the winter coat. If anyone knows how to push feminine note at the higher level than that is defenitely Chloe fashion house. With the delicacy of tiny dresses under the cozy coats and knitted sweaters, it has brought the best of woman style creating the items every fashion lover would love to wear, or just be inspired by it! We can learn so much from Chloe!

What do you think about this collection? Which piece do you like the most?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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