The latest Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to wear Collection was in every way on the more edgy side of the design. Ok, the style innovations are not unknown when it comes to this famous french design house. But the latest collection was very avant garde in ready to wear kind of way. Each item was in the same color, red! Vibrant and classic red was the only color the ensembles were made off! And that fact of monochrome outfits wasn´t boring at all. It was just the opposite; it has sent quite a strong visual message and once again the proof that fashion speaks its language which is very bold and full of self-conciousness.

The collection has offered everything one ready to wear collection need to; from perfectly cutted midi coats, stunning dresses with interesting ruffled gro-details, very sleek trousers with silky translucent blouses. Oh, when talking about blouses, they were the eyecatcher of this collection; with big puffy sleeves and ruffled details, they brought the romantic touch to the whole story. Famous Givenchy see-through long dresses could be seen but of course in all red as well as interesting and very innovative forms of the same on the top of wide silky trousers. But the most stunning dress was defenitely the one ornamented with red shiny embellishments. With cross-over detail on the front made it the perfect choice for the evening wear!

But lets go back to the all red story! The choice of red could be seen in the nylon socks too which only accentuated the coloristic homogene side of the story! Even details like jewelry, glasses, chokers, bags were in the same color range. This only has boosted the very innovative approach to Givenchy design; wearable but highly styled and on the fashion point! Maybe this collection was the indicator of which design path this fashion house would take after Ricardo Tisci´s departure announcement. Future brings exciting things for Givenchy, no doubt that!

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


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