All fashion fans and fashionistas already know that Chanel always nourishes trendy and new style with traditional Coco Chanel aesthetic. This fashion house is the perfect example how fashion in style builds its evolution bringing new and fresh looks but still remains in luxury famous Chanel frames. This collection wasn´t exception! It was all Chanel embodies lately; up to date, new age, futuristic all incorporated in fashion vision of space theme and concept.

Chanel thematic is hidden in the runway display; it is always grandious and impecable inscenation. For Karl Lagerfeld the look of the runway is just equaly important as the look of the clothing items presented on that runway. This year´s the runway for the Chanel Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear Collection held in Paris Fashion Week was formed around the white space shuttle or rocket, alluring at the more futuristic and innovative approach to the design for this collection! And it was very futuristic, very extraterrestrial but in Chanel kind of way.

With all of imaginative and serious approach to each show, Chanel never looses sense for being witty and playful. This was the case with this collection. The famous tweedy two pieces were featured with silver pleated skirts, or the whole ensembles were made of matte silver texture which gave the looks very futuristic vibe. But this futuristic vibe looked very retro and this was that playful key of the collection. The twisted step was continued by the astronaut alike collars, presented of course in more fashion (de)constructive way. The silver highlights were main visual motive, in form of sleek trousers, pointy boots or interesting stiff midi capes.

This collection was perfect example of how fashion colides with very new and fresh themes. Karl Lagerfeld is always so innovative on that field, but his design spirit always remains in the frames of classic Chanel. If Chanel wanted to send us on the fashion Miky Way, than it surely did! So geniously, imposant and adorably pompous. And more of that we can not ask for, right!

Do you like the futuristic vibes of this collection? Which item was your favorite?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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