Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Versace is known for the fashion made for confident and stylisticly strong women! With purposely added sexyness the house of Versace concioussly celebrates the strength of female power. If anyone knows how to accentuate the beauty of a woman with style and seduction on point than this is Versace. But this collection was more than just typically Donatella signature display. It was revolutionary and full of messages printed on the ensembles.

This transparency with terms like LOVE, LOYALTY, STRENGTH.. showed the current pulse not just this particular fashion house or fashion in general but the striving vibes of the actual situation in the world. What is so amazing about fashion is that it can clearly say what society thinks, with clothing items and words in this case too, be direct but without being pathetic or pretentious. But lets look more deep and more closely to the outfits.

See through pieces combined with white blouse and perfectly cutted coats, very elegant and sexy dresses with chiffon textures, sleek pencil skirts with playful bottoms in shape of tiny ruffles combined with winter furry jackets. Talking about fur, it was also displayed in "blayage" coloristic form with orange and deep blue mixes. The all leather trench coats played very cool and edgy role in the whole collection as well as light tedy bear textured coats ornamented with floral prints. The seductive note was not to be avoided, it was presented in forms of Versace dresses; mini, with deep cuts aside or boosted with sheer fabriques.

This collection was a pure celebration of women voice and power! With high feminine style and design solutions it undertoned the typically Versace style but with more deep and socially conciouss colored message. It was very bold and brave for sure! Maybe speculations about Donatella´s departure from the Versace throne are true, maybe this was her last collection. Either way it was memorable and glorifying show in every way.

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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