Wednesday, 22 March 2017


If you think that winter outfits are boring and nothing can go stylisticly amazing in all that bundled up story then you should defenitely take a look at the Miu Miu Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to wear Collection. It was full of unexpected ornamented furry ensembles full of colors, original forms and cuts and, well shortly said, full of life from fashion point of view. Miu Miu, a design house guided by Miuccia Prada takes a lot of inspiration from her "older sister" house of  Prada in sense of design fierless and amazing innovations that bring avant garde-ish touch in any ready to wear collection.

Very coloristic, in light color crashing kind of mode, teddy bear coats boosted with this cozy and warm texture on the hats but the boots too. The faux fur collars and oversized overals on the see through nylon rain coats or playfully ornamented sweaters just to break the expected look of the tweed prints. The passion for unexpected could be seen on the furry coats with accentuated waists by gro glittery appliques. The big appliques in cat arabesque form could be seen on the t shirts worn as a big statement broches.

The star of the collection, beside the already mentioned faux fur coats were the dresses. Especially the olive green one, in very palpation alike textures made of shiny appliques spreaded all over giving the very chic and elegant form of midi cocktail dress a playful and twisted touch. But if you are more fan of the soft and cashmere light trousers than you will adore the light beige pj´s alike design solutions worn under the robust furry coats. The strapy sandals added on it have boosted the style inspirational decadence for which only true fashionistas will go for.

This collection has showed how winter clothing and ensembles don´t need to be boring and fashionable untasty! The bright colors and faux fur joined with original forms and cuts have showed that the winter style can be full of visual excitements with very inspiring outfit combinations, a style courage which could only be made by Miu Miu!

What do you think about this collection?

 Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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