For ready to wear collections the main thing is that they tend to be on the more known expectations of fashion recipients. But the house of Maison Margiela with John Galliano as the leading creative director nothing can be usual and in the already known design codes. The Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear Collection was not exception either. If you are familiar with fashion names and designers you will know that John Galliano nourishes very extraordinary approach to design. The fierless style aesthetich is what made this designer famous for. And his inner "lucid" designer MOJO was on the fleek in this show, for sure.

The leading "parole" and design motto was defenitely "destroy to create" or rebuild something totally new in mostly avant-garde kind of way but still pleasantly wearable. This style code could be seen on the first displayed item on the runway; a known and usual clothing piece like a trench coat became a totally new decadently highlighted ensemble. With interesting decolette solutions and purposelly correct cuts on the side this ordinary item has become the very original design piece.

The deconstruction mode continued on the dresses too. With cutted sleeves and up fronts leaving only the stiching lines as the style coordinates it gave the very inspiring touch to midi dresses as well as the skirts too. The skeleton-ish patchwork was on the style treadmill on the coats too, giving them the witty silhouette and new concepts in their over-voluminous nature. The more "traditional" item was amazingly embellished silver dress. It gave the "ratio" moment in this whole lucid fashion play game.

This collection has showed that ready to wear can be bold and innovative. With crystal clean design vision of deconstructed mess it has offered us a very inspiring and vivid concept of autumn/winter style. John Galliano never disappoints and this was the correct way of demonstrating his genius creative strive.

What do you think about this collection? Do you find it very original and inspiring?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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