A very correct thing when talking about Zuhair Murad fashion is that is very elegant and with haute couture roots. The haute couture is the main occupation in style sense but in Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to wear collection this Lebanese designer has showed us that he loves and understands the every day wear but in his trademark; a very chic signature.

This collection was bursting from feminine forms; the mini dresses made of tweed combined with ruffles boosted blouses. The midi long pencil skirts were on the top of laced embroidered body suits accentuating the very feminine silhouettes. Even coats in this collection were on the peak of the high elegance and luxurious vibes.They were perfectly fitted on the top of long dresses which were imagined to be more like evening wear.

The gowns aka dresses are signature item in fashion of Zuhair Murad, so in these pieces he showed his impecable eye and sense for gorgeous fashion. The micro floral prints were main domain of the textures. With ruffles and mini wavy features, Zuhair Murad brought the ultimate (and possible red carpet) lady alike ensembles. The glam factor was toned down by more robust boots, just to give the whole collection more ready to wear vibe.

This collection showed how one couturier sees ready to wear fashion! Very wearable and easy to rock but with hige elegance potential, The femininity was flowing from every piece offering us the ultimate clothes which any lady with sense of style would love to wear. Zuhair Murad is a maestro of deep and fluid elegance! And this was the proof! And what a beautiful proof it was!

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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