Sarah Burton as the design leader of famous house of Alexander McQueen has prooved to be courageouss when it comes to finding new expressions in style and design. Of course this has been the way low key as the original Lee McQueen but still very stylisticly fierless and original. The very original vibe was defenitely in the Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready To Wear Collection with new aesthetics and very heterogenic approach to the design.

The whole collection had three design leading notes; first one the very fresh and innovative with pilgrim-ish touch in forms of the mixture" Latino America meets Island/Slavic princess" patchwork coats with white surface and very colorul knitted prints. Then the second note was simply black two pieces ensembles, very classic and perfectly cutted with very original silhouettes with innovative design moves. And the last one was typically Alexander McQueen´s elegant chiffon gowns with sheer features and micro fine embroideries.

This collection showed the style versatile of the Sarah Burton´s design vision. Her spirit to bring something new and fresh but with huge fashion original appeal has been a must. She has been brave enough to keep this fashion house on the peak of vision excitements but so fierless and unpretencious. And that is really something we need to admire!

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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