Monday, 6 March 2017


Elie Saab is a designer known for his high and feminine aesthetic with very etherical and gentle style visions and approaches. But Elie Saab knows how to be more edgy and push some rock and dark vibes into his collections. The one for Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear presented at Paris Fashion Week was not just ready to wear but ready to rock too! It is interesting how Saab´s sense for this kind on new aesthetic escapism is still in the range of typically Saab´s design but with huge innovative and fresh approach to it.

There were lots of black and aubergine violet. With romanticly by chiffon boosted dresses which were the trademark of Saab style, Elie Saab took the romantic look to a new level combined it with leather jackets. The bikerish form of them were enough to make this collection more witty and dareful with fresh and modern approach to the young consumers and clients. For the ultimate elegance touch were displayed long fit cutted coats which were weared on the long evening dresses. Talking about evening wear, the whole collection had the night out feeling with couple of high fashion items infused to it.

The girly moment was defenitely captured in polka dots details not just on the dresses but on the socks too! "Lolita goes to more darker and edgier side" was surely the on eof many focuses and juxtapositions of this collection. If we add to it perfect long dresses ornamented with richly wavy ruffles and f coats with furry collars, the high glamorous mission was accomplished. Plus the impecable bold make up on the eyes and sleek low bun for the perfect glam studded look.

No doubt, Elie Saab always knows how to make glamorous ensembles. It is his creative strive. But this collection had a playful and more edgier twist which is more appealing to younger generations. The evolution of Saab´s style was perfect and we love everything about it! If anyone can inhale couture sparkle into the daily wear than this is defenitely Elie Saab!

Do you like this collection? What are your thoughts about it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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