Giambattista Valli is a designer with particular style signature. His work is always in a domain of high end fashion with huge haute couture potential and luxuriously upgraded items. The Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready-to-wear Collection was in the same range but with huge pret-a-porter accent. So if you thought you would see his famous sugar cotton coated dresses which he usually displays in his couture collections, you were wrong! This collection was full of easy and light wearable dresses, mini dresses to say it correctly, gorgeous textures with stunningly delicate style hints and leggings pared with highly elegant blouses. Yes, you read it correctly, the leggings! And somehow Giambattista Valli pulled this combination amazingly good.

The one thing which is usually common in Valli´s design are the ruffles. The ruffle, in big or mininature version is the leader highlight of his style expression. There were ruffles in this collection too, but this time they were not so opulent and "in your face"! They were very tiny, almost philigramicly detailed and by that they were part of the textures on the pleats of the dresses, on the collars, sleeves or already mentioned blouses which were paired with Nike leggings. This style sight needs to be up close observed; the romanticly boosted blouse with huge couture potential looked very "streety" in combination with something so sporty accentuated like leggings. But this unusual combination showed the playful side of Valli´s design and fashion loves the brave ones, the ones who are ready to take a risk!

The see through effect was presented as a part of long and elegant dresses and jumpsuits meant to be elegant and feminine evening wear. The color range was from black to red with witty prints of fruits like cherrish on the white or black surfaces. The silhouette was sleek with accentauted waist. Makeup was very glamorous with deep red pouts featured with glossy skin. The hair was pulled back with the wett effects all over. Trully a glamorous look!

This collection was a step further in Valli´s design; combination of coziness and already known luxurious style. Every ready to wear collection asks for designer to be brave, to run from traditional and to offer something new! Valli did that and it was very beautiful and inspirational! The breakthrough into new aesthetic was successfully launched!

What do you think about this collection? Do you like it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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