The haute couture in blood has defenitely the fashion house of Balenciaga. It is an epitomer for high fashion with huge couture potentials. And although the latest Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear Collection was on the more wearable side of the style track, the couture buzz was sensed almost in every piece. Even the way how models wore the ensembles or accessories showed that this house has an attitude, attitude for being different and original but still respecting the style codes and conventions.

But lets start from the beginning! There were two sides from this latest Balenciaga collection; the first one in coats which were gorgously cutted but what stood up was the way how they were worn; only one handed and pinned on the shoulder by which the coats became more like a modern togues. The oversized items were also the main motto of the collection; on the bags, on the sweaters or night dresses.

Oh, talking about the dresses, this was the other side of the highlight. The very haute couture alike gowns, with big ruffles as a textures and puffy silhouettes, or oversized bows as the main ornament and the leading form. But the peak was defenitely in the form of feathers overlaoded dress. This was a huge haute couture moment, evocating the good old times of Balenciaga couture.

This collection has showed how fashion mind works; with edgy and witty sense for style even ordinary clothing item can look avant-gardish. The old school Balenciaga flare could be sensed and not in any dull or boring way! Very opposite; very stylisticly on point and yes, so wearable, so ready to wear!

Do you like this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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