Wednesday, 1 March 2017


The peak of fashion weeks´ season has began. It is known that Paris Fashion Week is the cherry on top of already seen fashion designs so all fashionistas and fashion fans, including myself, are excited to see what Paris has to offer to us this season. The story about Parish Fashion Week ope I will open by Lanvin for Autumn/Winter Ready To Wear 2017. The perfect combination of delicate femininity and strongly accentuated elegance is what is known as the trademark for this fashion house.

There is something so chic and dazzling when talking about french style and sense for fashion. It is fierless but sensitive, bold but delicate, witty but amazingly classic. In all of this niches of criterias we can put Lanvin. Plenty of airy silhouettes, with lots of laced features, silky textures under furry coats, flowery embellishments on the collars for that particular parisienne vibe. If you add to all of this fishnets, you get high aestheticly and chic collection. But here is more detailed look at it!

Already mentioned laced textures on the sleeves in combination with high collars ornamented with flowers details, or the Lanvin vision of female´s suit with perfectly taylored coat and pencil trousers which masculine spirit has toned down in the form of the see through white lace blouse underneath it. Gorgeously flowy chiffon skirts with silky blouses in gentle powdery rose, ruffles and leather jackets, or more ruffles in all black midi dresses variations, all of that was very etherical and simply beautiful! Not to mention the gorgeous long dresses perfect for night wear with hints of wearable glamour.

The Lanvin collection was the perfect example of epihany for french style. Very non-pretentious, very wearble, cozy but highly elegant and stylisticly on point. If you ever wonder or wanted to look dress like a Parisienne you will defenitely be inspired by this collection. Just take a look at the pointy vernished black flats! More French than that you can not be!

Which look do you like the most? What do you thinl about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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