Thursday, 23 March 2017


To all fashion fans the name of Vera Wang has been an epitome for most glamorous wedding dresses mostly worn by A-list celebrities. Vera Wang has nourished the brides wear for a long time but then decided a few years ago to try into the other aspects of design, in sense of haute couture as well as the ready to wear. This year the Vera Wang Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to wear Collection was presented in the form of editorial with not many ensembles but with amazing fashion vision and quality.

This ready to wear was more on the trace of haute couture and high fashion. This collection was made for ultimate fashion fans and consumers who like impecable style with new and fresh forms and cuts. The very volumionous and avant garde-ish silhouette of the coats made in black, or the mini capes a.k.a pellerinas thrown on the top of long all black monochrome ensembles. The hints of couture deconstruction in gold pieces which had purposely unfinished touch, or the golden corsets combined with grey transparent chiffon dress, all of that looked so dazzling and beautiful!.

The soft military touch could be felt in this collection too; on the coats and midi jackets, in the appliques of  the epaulettes on the sleeves or in the shape of the short uniforme alike trousers. The deep melancholy was announced in the all black, again, ensembles, with Ana Karenina hints or vintage alike saloon worthy pieces boosted with furry overalls and collars on the golden or white synergy of blouses and gowns.

This collection has showed the creative stride of Vera Wang! There is always something beautifully deep and dark in her collections. Like the haute couture or ready to wear collections are the antipode and balanced contrast to her passion for making stunning wedding gowns. In these mediums Vera Wang releases all of her captured talent sa a couturier and designer and offers us the most gorgeous and wearble items, always stylisticly on point and enriched with deep creative and crystal design strive! Enchanting and melacholicly wonderful!

What do you think about this collection? Do you love it or do you prefer Vera Wang more as a wedding dresses´ designer?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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