Thursday, 16 March 2017


Celine has been famous for efortless chic with huge accent on the coziness. Their silhouettes have been known as airy and spacey. But what is stunning about Celine´s fashion is that it is very elegant at the same time creating the vision of modern and contemporary femininity. In the same vision range was the collection for Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear. Lots of amazing coats with original featured pieces and forms with  edgy and comfort style.

What is so impressive when it comes to Celine is that this fashion house loves masculine forms and cuts. The Celine woman is confident, very confident because her strength is in the free style fashion. Exactly this kind of ensemble could be seen on the runway; a very opulent black tuxedo with oversized sleeves as well as the white man´s shirt. This was the proove that Celine loves androgynous spices when it comes to style, but with hinted traces. Already mentioned original cuts were displayed on the interesting collars of the midi dresses, or purporesly cuts on the elegant pencil trousers.The highlight of the show were blanckets worn as accessories and in this detail the original access of the Celine could be felt and seen. Oh, speaking of the accessories, the ultra big bags were also on the spotlight. The more bulky and oversized, the better!

The collection was fulfilled by amazing dresses. With long silhouettes and naked shoulders or original cuts on the decolettes, the true style imagination was hidden in this pieces. Celine loves to mix the contrasted textures and items. In this case the dresses made of heavy materials was combined on the top of light wide trousers. If you add to it bold prints or pearls alike embellishments you will have ultra original outfit!

This collection has showed us the face of Celine ready to stand out, ready to explore and to be innovative! If you have lack of fashion inspiration just take a look at Celine design, you will defenitely find a style boosted inspo! With this collection, full of comfort pieces Celine has sent us from our style comfort zone into the fashionista deluxe league! Perfection, pure perfection!

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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