The evolution of style has defenitely on peak in fashion house of Valentino. The famous red dress had upgraded to more sophisticated cuts and colors. The new aesthetic that Valentino nourishes these days is defenitely the victorian influences in modern, more edgy and grungy kind of way. And we love it! The long maxi dresses flowing in big wavy circles around models or just "petite" and micro fine printed textures, all of that coluld be seen in the Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready To Wear Collection presented at the latest Paris Fashion Week.

What was interesting was the fact that new definition of style was more refined with perfectly cutted coats and vibrant prints´ clashes. All of that helped to the accent of modern and fresh but with very high end vintage spirit kind of style. The famous long and high victorian collars were interpreted here too, on the dresses and coats mostly. The playful and modern, contemporary twist was in the form of bold prints, the silky textures and ruffles´ game. Even the whole black light leather outfits made of blouse and pleated dress had the youthful breeze.

The evoulution happened on the famous red color too! Seems like the actual design of the house wants to take a distance from traditionally Garavani Valentino trademark and make their own design statement, which was great idea. The red has gone more pink, so we had couple of few shades of pink dispalyed on the ensembles. This collection has been a proof how one famous house with gro and big statement accent made a new step into the new and promising style. The new era of Valention has began, with inspiration from the past but with eyes wide open in the future with innovative design!

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Georgia! xo

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