There are really so many facets and forms when we talk about haute couture. One of the which is just a strong proove that haute coutre is endless and eternal, and that never goes out of style, just like all the good stuff don´t, is the vintage haute couture. It is a type of haute couture made in past, it can be old fifty-fourty years, but still so wearable and chic.

Many of contemporary high fashion collections are made with a vintage kind of vibe. Dior is perfect example for it. The old, classic glamour, with voluminous sculpted gowns, paired with saten glows. That is for sure the typical Dior couture moment which has been emerged and reminisced by gorgeous actress Marion Cotillard, who was the face of Dior at that time.

So as you can see, couture never dies. Either in form of re-shaped and re-disgned ensembles which have that amazing vintage twist, or wearing really original vintage piece, like Julia Roberts did, when she won the Oscar 2001. She wore a vintage dress by Valentino, looking glamorous and stunning, like a true Hollywood diva. She just made the most mesmerizing moment of couture history; while many actresses deal with stress to pick the most stunning dress from the early newest collections, she had gone a step back, choosing a dress from 1992., and made a safe entrace in fashion history.

Vintage houture doesn´t have so many innovative moments in its visual apects. It is more classic glamour and elegance. Revitalising some of the most precious moments in couture history, it shows that couture lives forever and keeps inpsiring us, fashionistas constantly. And that is the strongset fact of high fashion greatness!

Do you like vintage couture? What do you think about it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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