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Hello my dear friends! In previous post of mine I mentioned how haute couture and red carpet perfectly collided, so in today´s post I decided to show you my ten best red carpet moments evefashion and red carpet. There is a sweet connection of high fashion and red carpet . Why?! Well, the couture ensembles can only be seen on the runways and at the movies´ premieres, or at the Oscars. So I am presenting you my ten most stunning moments of the haute couture on the red carpet. I hope you like them too. Just a little side note; sometimes the dress stars wear on the premieres can be a hit or a totally miss. Keep reading and you will see why!

I mean what can I say about this dress! It was the most grandious show-stopper of all time! The famous deep cutted green Verasce dress. I think this dress sent JLo to the fashion and celebrity hemispehere. Now this is a prove how perfect dress can boost up your career.

Maybe people have forgot that in very past Gwyneth won an Oscar, but fashionistas remembered this moment because of the amazing gentle rose, Cinderella alike dress by Ralph Lauren. It was really the gorgeous couture moment and a great choice, for sure!


After this red carpet moment in stunningly sexy Versace black dress everyone knew who Liz Hurley was. Before that she was a Hugh Grant´s girlfriend but after that RC moment she became a star making her own career in show business. Just like I said, the right dress can open you so many doors, keep that on your mind!

The stunning wavy deep red dress by Valentino was a total career booster for Anne Hathaway. This is one perfect example if you give girl a right dress she will winn the world. And she did. She is today A-list celebrity with an impecible style.

Thanks to Halle Berry we can enjoy in Elie Saab´s fashion. She wore sheer brown-green dress when she won Oscar. She has defenitely a sense for trends in haute couture. From that day, the empire of Elie Saab has just grew and still growing. Which is great, because he is one of my favorite couturiers.

You notice by now for sure that the most stunning red carpet moments were happening at the Oscars. This was no exception either. Gucci "glitters all the way" syren dress was the perfect choice for Charlize Theron. I remembered she went back from vacations so the crystals´ sizzle complimented her sun kissed glowy skin.

Rihanna enjoys fashion. She is fearless, she is like a fashion chameleon. She had amazing red carpet moments, but this was probably one of the most gorgeous one. In vibrant pink Giambattista Valli dress she was breathtaking. The exaggeration of chiffon´s waves was one of the most interesting couture moments for sure!

Nicole is the queen of every red carpet, no doubt. She was amazing winning the Oscar in Jean Paul Gaultier black sleek dress with strappy deatils on the front and on the back. It was elegant and with a little hint of avant garde touch to it, for which Jean Paul Gultier is known for.

This was the most beautiful red carpet dress ever to me. First of all the designer was Alexander McQueen, and has its trade mark, a tartan texture for which he was known and famous for. The star was style icon of our time, Sarah  Jessica Parker. I think haute couture flows in her veins, beacuse she understand and enjoys fashion. And this was the perfect example of it.

The last but not least, it-girl and model of today, Bella Hadid in Alexander Vauthier silky wrap gown. I think this was THE moment which transfered her in models´ Olimp and the reason why she was the most wanted model for haute couture autumn/winter fashion week. To me she is the perfect model to wear couture fashion shows, and this dress and red carpet appearence are screaming this thought, too!

Which dress do you like the most?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo



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