Haute couture is amazing in its way to transform and "perform" different kind of faces and forms. The very interesting is haute couture re-newed or inspired by renaissance. Renaissance was big cultural and social era in sixteenth century for which was characteristic a total w neperspective to life, religion and art. It was easy, simple and light and it transfered perfectly to the fashion of that time.

But my interest of today´s post is how this renaissance twist is looking and manifests in today´s fashion. Haute couture inspired by this theme is very soft decadent, with simple but opulent features like high victorian collars or puffed, overloadly big sleeves. These features were taken from the historical point of view and incorporated in new, modern look of haute couture making it adorably vintage in renaissance sense.

The colors are in the same retro range, very natural like black, white, brown, soft grey, deep orange... Very low key display of them respects the renaissance aura of the ensembles, creating the humbling glamour for which renaissance was known about. A victorian whisp is presented in the form not only of already mentioned high, stiff collars, but in shape of middle length capes worn over the dresses or printed taight pants which are defenitely a catching eye crossover touch from men fashion of that time to contemporary feminine couture. This by historical periods couture is defnitely very costumed allured, very theatrical and romantic.

To conlusion I have to say that haute couture is perfect media form for versatile visual expressions. Everything is possible, every look and (non)imaginative comes to life in high end fashion. And that is a true value of haute couture! And that´s why I adore it so much!

Do you like this kind of couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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