I have written so many impressions about haute couture in general, so I decided to dedicate this post to make up in high fashion. Make up is always the one of the many keys of the whole couture ensembles, and it really has a big importance. It can be light, very natural as a visual antipode to more decadent and avant garde fashion, or it can be very palyful and original, just like haute couture itself, to boost up the couture vibe of the whole collection.

It is the main thing in runway shows but in the fashion editorials too. So what can we say about make up in haute couture?! It is really bold and brave, for sure. It goes out of already the known make up proportions and goes step ahead in more heavy, artisticly colored, theatrical make up.

If you look closely to make up faces on the haute couture fashion weeks, you will see the couture parade on models, praising with multi-colorful looks the decadence of haute couture. Lots of bold eyeliner game with accentuated lines at the hood, with very destructive unfinished alike features. Or glitterish eyelids and lips for an extra playful and artistic touch to it. Rocking vibrant colors all the way is also one of the make up choices in haute couture, like deep purple, pink or papagei green. Not to mention, the pieces of lace have a totally new function in this sense. They are imagined to be like a "prosthetic" voluminous eyelashes which give ultra romantic but artisticly gorgeous effect. Or the blushy eyes, colored with light red in modern geisha kind of way. So as you see, the forms and features of haute couture make up are endless.

What do you think about make up in high fashion? Do you like it? Would you ever wear it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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