Haute couture has so many faces and original realizations. Any imaginative form you can think about to be part of high fashion is defenitely not something ordinary and common. That is the same thing with trousers in haute couture ensembles. If you are introduced in typical haute couture scene you probably know that usual high fashion setting is made in form of gowns, weather sleek or opulent, but dresses are ordinary looks´ instalment of haute couture.

So trousers incorporated in couture domain are defenitely not a usual sight you can see in couture collections. I like the way couture has so great perceptions when it comes to innovations and visual new stories to tell. If we look closer at trousers in couture domain, we can see that they are so well incorporated in couture looks. They can be worn alone, in form of printed sleek or elegantly baggy pants. They are usually combined with cape which gives that "couture" aura to ensemble and that is very commom look if we talk about trousers in couture scene. More original and step further in visual innovation are defenitely trousers worn underneath gorgeous gown. Rocking the posh casual vibe with that high end fashion piece, and by that I mean gown, is really original sight and can´t be pulled by anyone, for sure.

So what trousers bring in couture is defenitely more edgy elegant touch, with a modern twist and contemporary influences. This kind of couture is defenitely stunning giving us that WOW effect, no less than the usual couture by gowns enriched display. They are seen in the collections of Armani Prive, Elsa Schiaparelli, or Giambattista Valli. As you can see those are couturiers which love a bit of extravant elegance but in wearable, less decadent way.

Do you like this kind of couture? Do you think that trousers in couture have enough glamour effect?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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