Edgy and dangerous! With this words we can describe the combination of haute couture and rock & roll! It is really a very non-complementery term but with amazing complementery collision, if you know what I mean. Every while and then, haute couture needs to step out of its comfort aesthetic zone and go wild. Just "like a rollin´ stone"!

This kind of combination is very amazing. It shows the best sides of rock & roll and haute couture. It goes from very dark and edgy to decadently romantic. Fifty shades of black are the main colors´ sphere. But there are bold prints and rainbow colored textures just to embody the wilderness of haute couture visual side.

Referring to one great anthological song by Lou Reed "Take A Walk On A Wild Side", this invination code compliments and complements haute couture grandiously. So with visual boldness you can feel the rock & roll vibes all the way. Of course, this is the type of avant garde fashion, made mostly by rebelious designers, like Jean Paul Gaultier, or by my favorite designer of all times, a late Alexander McQueen. Haute couture has the hippy and wild side, gorgeously incorporated in dark glamour and opulently decadent embellishments which scream "haute couture is not dead", but rock & roll either!

Do you like this kind of haute couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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