There are often comparisons of haute couture and art. It is very obvious that haute couture steps out very often from the pure fashion boundries and pure style concepts and features in more higher level of visual media which is often described in very artistic mode; another words becomes an art piece.

These two of culture and aesthetic establishments sometimes stand very close but in many cases and very wide appart too. So in this post I will search the thin line which is being known as a variable of differency between them. Many haute couture ensembles take very obvious inspiration by an artisic way of expression. It can be painted canvas which are demonstrated in couture kind of way. Many opulent and extravagant high fashion forms are inspired by modern, periods in painting, like cubanism or surrealism.

Very often and main connection between haute couture and art is hidden  in sculpture forms. Sculpting way of arts are perfect echoing mode for couture silhouette and textures, so this is the usual case of featuring and symbioze of art and fashion.

An artistic photography is often used as an inspiration in haute couture. It can be seen as materials´ appliques which are transfered from photos in couture forms. This case is not so often but it can be seen as one part of collaboration between haute couture and art.

No doubt that this kind of haute couture is more in the art spectrum spreaded, which specifies pure artistic tendecies. It is kind of high fashion which defenitely stands out and can be observed as a piece of art. Because of that many of these kind of high fashion pieces often end up like museum exponates, giving joy to the consumers of art on the one side, and fashion on the other. So as you can see, connection between art and haute couture is strong and vivid. And this is one more reason to ressure ourselves and to believe that haute couture will live forever!

What do you think about high fashion and art combination? Do you like it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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