As I investigate and research about all the faces of haute couture here on my blog, I decided to write a few impressions about high fashion inspired by lingerie. If you read from time to time by blog posts, you will notice that haute couture has so many faces, so many sources of inspirations, that the lingerie was just one of the many gorgeous features.

This year´s haute couture fashion week had a tons of great ensembles which were inspired by the lingerie. So it is a big trend in  haute couture now. As you can see, the impression of this couture at first glimpse is "underdressed" code, or the down wear features are in the spotlight in couture ensembles. So in this case we have the flipped fashion appearence, which is non the less stunning and beautiful.

The couture effects are defenitely hidden in delicate chiffons, laced textures, the transparent corsets which enhance the silhouettes of woman´s body. This form of inspiration for haute couture is defnitely very feminine, elegant, or if it´s combined with gothic features can be amazingly dark and edgy. Dresses which imitate the silky night gowns are also part of the "underdressed" couture movement. They are more light and airy, not so dramatic, but stunningly soft and gentle. All of that makes a perfectly epiphany of glamorous design.

What do you think about lingerie influences in haute couture? Do you like it?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo

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