Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Glitter, glitter and even more glitter! This could be the common thing when we talk about disco influences in haute couture. Disco fever is something that perfectly fits haute couture, gives it an ultimate glam factor, making it more playful, fun and stardusty.

The features which stand out in this kind of haute are defenitely the disco ball as a big highlight and grandious motive. That is why the ensembles are boosted with glitter and shine all over. This kind of illuminating "kitsch" perfectly allures the glam effect and accentuates the sassy but classy elegance of these couture stories.

This kind of moment in haute couture is perfectly featured in contemporary and modern couture as well as in more anthological in form of vintage flare  a.k.a "54 Club" during AndyWarhol´s era. The modern look includes very futuristic and avant garde touch of it with very original design display usually made in silver  or gold immitations. It can have more coloristic diplay too, with very bright and playful spectrum incorporated with, what else than colored glitter appliques.

Disco in haute couture defenitely stands out. It gives it even more star appealling effect making it the most of couture; witty, glorious, playful and decadent at the same time channeling the perfect disco queen of saturday night fever. Couture is really form of fashion that really takes the best of the world and gives back the most lustrous and stunning feed back. You gotta love haute couture!

Do you find interesting this kind of by disco fever inspired couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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