In music I always have that one favorite song that I listen for hundred times and never get bored of it. The same thing is about colors, or shades, or... well you know what I mean. The powder obsession is real and I always fall in love in each item whith these color on it. So I thought I would make a little curate/blog post about my favorite couture ensembles in this color.

Powdery shade is very gentle, it is not on cold but either not on the warm side of the tones. That gives it the wide opportunity to be featured in so many couture ensembles in summer/spring or autumn/winter collections. Because it is very airy and light, it is often displayed in form of tulles, ruffles and silky features. It stands out indeed for really feminine and gentle forms and silhouettes, in big and romantic opulent ball gowns, or in displayof easy falling dresses with wide spreaded chiffon all around.

If you look for easy but eye catching combination, you can never go wrong with powder color. It compliments each color skin tone, but from haute couture point of you, it really gives a star struck couture moment with no exaggeration. Just pure aesthetic joy of couture beautyness!

Do you like couture in powdery color? Do you find it interesting and glamorous?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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