Thursday, 4 August 2016


It is common sense that there isn´t more artificial piece of human productivity out there than fashion, or to be more exact and precise, than the haute couture. With high stylisticly boosted features it is really the type of artistic expression that has so many strong tendencies in aesthetic sense. So to combine it with something so untouched and "real" like nature is a great oxymoronic term but also a theme of today´s post.

Nature has very unique ways to transfere in haute couture. The very obvious is material patterns and prints that in chameleon kind of way imitate the manifestation of nature. The colors in this case can be warm, with lots of brown, green or red, which illuminate and imitate the variety forms of floral and phauna´s ornaments.

A step further is a look into the dusky sky revealing all the stars and meteorites, giving the haute couture a very romanticly obvious lunatistic kind of vibe. And there is nothing more gorgeously subliminal as brightening sky full of stars imposed in haute couture gown.

Sea adventures can also be spotted in form of puffed silky features which embodie the rich undersea creatures, like jellyfishes , mermaids and others aquatic symbols of nautic life. In further animalistic range there can be seen the nesting doves, phauns, snakes, butterflies...

As you can see the imagination of haute couture is never ending. In couture domain the old saying: "Sky is a limit" really pays off in great visual festivity bringing us the joy of nature in new authentic approach. Haute couture celebrates beauty of woman, of femininity, but in this sense and the beauty of Mother Nature, showing us the most gorgeous display of it in craftamanship so decadent but also so (un)real!

Do you like this kind of haute couture inspired by a nature?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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