Today´s post is going to be a true curator treat. I have decided to take a focus on one thing in colors´ sense. Red color like a monochrome choice in haute ensembles. It is really often occasion to see red dresses and gowns in haute couture display. Every color has its own beauty but red is something more, for sure.

If you look closely all red couture has very feminine touch to it. But it is really mystique and deep in visual sense too. The fabriques which feature the red color can be very wide in textures´ choice; they can be heavy and opulent, very strongly structured in almost sculpted sense. Or they can be very light and airy, almost like a hint of a couture whisper, layering softly on the skin.

For sure, the most famous red is Valentino red shade. This italian designer was known for his red dresses which were very glamorous and gloriously elegant. In every collection he would present at least one red dress. Even today, when Mr. Valentino Garavani is retired, his couture house has kept this tradition of at least one couture item in typically Valentino red.

As you can see the seduction note of red is real, strong and still lives. It will be on the couture display forever giving it the vibrant push in every sense. I think there is no bolder and more catchy thing than red couture dress. It has the same aura like a red lipstick; amazingly hypnotic and (un)conciously driven to the hidden and not yet discovered lands of visual aesthetics. So let us be hypnotized! Take a look in pictures below and enjoy!

What do you think about all red couture ensembles?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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